Close to Earth



Close to Earth is an observational portrait of an ethnic minority K’Ho family of twelve, whose livelihood depends solely on their environment. They are self-reliant and seemingly untouched by modernity and bureaucracy. The family, being one of the poorest in the village, has to survive from harvest to harvest with a cyclical lifestyle, while grappling with manifestations of the human condition – happiness/ sacrifice, religion, money, alcoholism, and love. 


Shammini G is a director and fiction producer based in Singapore. She is an independent filmmaker who is equally comfortable with directing documentary and producing fiction or advertising. As a filmmaker, she seeks stories and characters who represent more than just themselves and bring an idea to life and for her films to be intimate portrayals of people whose voices would not normally be heard. She believes that film is a strong medium for empowerment and a catalyst for dialogue and strives for her works to be an embodiment of it.