Our Method

Social iCon will feature four breakout sessions, one for each of the conference’s key themes: education, environment, employment, and economic inclusion. Each breakout session will include three expert panellists, who will get the conversation going by sharing their experiences and insights on the problems faced and progress made in education, environment, employment, and economic inclusion in Southeast Asia today. 

With ample time for Q&A and open discussion, we hope you will get the chance to learn about opportunities and challenges for social entrepreneurs and innovators in each of these areas, as well as share your own thoughts and queries on the topics that matter the most to you. Together We⁴ can move from inspiring conversations to change.



It is difficult to imagine a bright future for Southeast Asia’s girls, women and youth without access to
inclusive, relevant and high quality education. Join this breakout session to learn how leaders in the education field are using technology and innovative
pedagogy to keep education meaningful and enjoyable.



According to the World Economic Forum, no country has been able to close the gender gap in career prospects and employment so far. This is despite the fact that women leaders have continued to make a mark in various economic and social spheres. Join this breakout session to learn how many dynamic women today are working to change the unhealthy equilibrium they experience in male dominated workplaces.



Tacking environmental degradation and protecting our planet has never been more urgent than it is today. Women have a privileged position in society (as homemakers, educators, entrepreneurs and policymakers) to act as gatekeepers of environmental preservation. Join this breakout session to gain insights on how changemakers are leading the way in making living on this planet more sustainable and ecologically viable.


Economic inclusion

Even in this age of globalisation and commercialisation, large populations remain at the margins of the economy as we know it and beyond. How can we build a more inclusive economy, and in doing so, move closer towards achieving a number of the UN SDGs? Join this breakout session to learn how practitioners rise up to the challenges of advancing economic inclusion.